The first column

The first column of the Throne of Amykles has been set up in its original place!

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Moderne Literatur und das Amyklaion: ein gerade erschienener Roman aus Italien


Die erste Sammelpublikation!

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Zur Buchpräsentation und dem Amyklaion …

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Tara’s Parthenians

They would have their revenge one day, these bastard children, sons of bitches and Helot slaves, they were filthy mutts, unworthy of Spartan rights and citizenship. Their Spartiate fathers had disowned them after the First Messenian war, their Helot mothers tried to protect their puny sons, but they were better off to be thrown over Mount Taygetos, down into the chasm of the Apothetae. They were named, the Parthenians, the sons of virgins, born out of wedlock, and wherever they went, they were attacked with cacophonous insults from the Spartans, that scathed their hearts. For they were inferiors, half-bloods; but they would have their rancorous vengeance, oh yes they would, for the gods themselves willed it.


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In the light of Amyklaion

This is a summary of the first documentary about the investigations at the Spartan sanctuary of Apollo Amyklaios, created in the summer of 2013 in the framework of the Amykles Research Project.

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Summer at Amykles

Our team will be at Amykles this summer, from August 1st until the 15th! If you are interested in volunteering or have any questions regarding our work contact us!

Ein Gespräch mit Stavros Vlizos

You can read the interview here

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